We offer special list of possibilities for your enjoyment, so you can select those that will make your journey totally unforgettable and unique. Our multilingual and dedicated staff will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and at ease and would be more than happy to provide information and tips on sightseeing, restaurants, and for the best places to swim, to go out, etc. We will ensure that all of your expectations and special requests are surpassed.

Guide Tours

We are also offering guide tours in teaching you the secrets of Perast or even in visiting surrounding areas (around the Kotor Bay, Skadar Lake, Durmitor Park, etc) with professionally licensed guides.


Ground floor is easily transformable into a beautiful, spacious entertainment room dedicated to art, so you can find a trendy ambience and enjoy the special night. It provides the ultimate setting for inspiring meetings, unique social events, art exhibitions, private events, corporate meetings, etc. We love to help our guests celebrate the most important occasions, so it can be also a stunning backdrop for your honeymoon, birthdays, anniversary trip or wedding, as well as all of life’s shining moments from graduation, retirement and beyond, and we would be honored to be your hosts, weather to arrange guest accommodations, a rehearsal dinner or a full ceremony.

Gastronomy tours

Montenegro wouldn’t be Montenegro without its gastronomic heritage. We are giving people a taste of this country by taking them to lovely gastronomy tours in less touristic or undiscovered neighborhoods, where you can hear the entire story behind delicious samples.

Some of the tours we are offering are:

  • For the lovers of good wine and genuine hedonists, we are organizing Wine-tasting tour in Plantaze Vineyard in Podgorica. This vineyard is rich in heritage and produces one of the largest selections of wine from Montenegrin source;
  • Honey tour around Cetinje. In Montenegrin tradition honey survives as the food and the medicine, so you can find a great span of honey artifacts, like Propolis and various cosmetic products. Here you can find the black locust, woods, floral, meadow and linden honey.
  • The tour in the valley of Njegusi, where you can try smoke Prosciutto and smoke cheese, for which Montenegro is very famous. In this area Mediterranean and continental climate are colliding, which is one of the reasons why the ham and cheese from this area are from very special quality;
  • White cheese and Kachamak (cornmeal porridge with potato and white cheese that's served with buttermilk, as a traditional meal) routes in Kolasin;
  • Olive oil tours in Bar. Olive oil is part of the very important treasure of life in this region. It forms a key ingredient of the delicious local cuisine, but it is also considered to be very therapeutic, so you can find a lot of products and special array of soaps and cosmetics. Olive trees in Bar are over 1000 years old and the beauty of these old trees must be seen to be believed;
  • The south of Montenegro, especially the area around Skadar Lake (and of course the coast), abounds in quality fish. One of the tours we are offering is Carp tour in this area. Smoked carp is a delicates par excellence, and the specialty of the lake cuisine is carp in a casserole, with dry plums, or carp in onion. You can also try different types of fishes here, which are prepared in several ways - on grill with aromatic additives, with rosemary and olive oil, or fried served with domestic lemon, garlic and parsley, and of course - potato salad.

Transportation Service

We have for you an alliance with expert companies in the transport service from/to the airport (Podgorica, Tivat, Dubrovnik, Tirana) or train station, which can schedule upon request.


We are also able to arrange your business or private trip with our multilingual drivers and luxury cars.

If you need a car to enjoy your stay in Montenegro and discover the hinterland we can provide you with the safest and most professional car rental belonging to our network.


We offer our guests laundry service (extra charge applies).